Saturday, October 29, 2011

Not Funny!

This is what we are dealing with today!

At the beginning:
About 12:30 PM, we lost power and it was out until 5:00 PM.

I've been watching these trees:
One small branch at the front has fallen.

Now, one larger in front of the car and in back of the car has fallen.

The trees are just not used to having both leaves and snow on them at the same time.  I was standing out back on my deck and you could just hear cracking and then the branches falling all around us.  I never heard or saw anything like it before!

As I was watching these trees, the largest branch came cracking down in front of my eyes.  Luckily, the owner of the car had moved it before this happened.

This is nuts.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More thrift shopping!

A friend of mine took a day off work and we spent the day thrift shopping!  My favorite thing to do!  I think I was pretty shopped out from my thrifting vacation, but I still managed to find a few things!
First off, I found this paint by number for the awesome price of $3.00!  Peeps, please do NOT put glass over a paint by number!  Just in the time I got this one home, the paint had softened up and was sticking to the glass.  I was lucky, I got the glass off and there wasn't any damage to the picture.

At the same thrift shop, I found this beauty!  I had seen it before but it was always way too expensive.  My patience paid off!  I got this one for $5.00!!!  It's a very long picture, about 32" long.  There was another one there but it was $8.00 and showed damage.
This is just plain weird!  LOLOL!
I'm pretty sure it's Shim's brother!  Yep, I need to do some research on this one!
These are huge industrial size!  Wonderful old picking shears.  The note attached to it says it doesn't cut fabric too well!
This is just a really cute poodle that I just couldn't resist!
I had to laugh about this one.  I found this sealed bag of items and all I could see were the large trees and two wooden pieces in it.  I liked the trees, so I purchased the bag for $3.00.
I was thrilled to find even more trees inside it, the cutest small ones I've ever seen and that little piece of the couple building a snowman!
Was able to get a few more bowls for my Christmas project!  The one on the left has a bee on the bottom of it, it's Higbee glass!  Might not be able to part with that one.  :o)
Very pretty crystal wedding compote!

Lastly, I've been looking for a blazer to wear to court.  I didn't have anything nice for the Fall weather but couldn't find anything I liked with a price tag to match.  Look what I found!
It's a beautiful beige color with green and maroon houndstooth.  Made in USA, not a rip, tear or frayed thread on it.  Seriously looks like it was never worn.  What's wrong with it?  It's dry clean only, but for what I paid for it, I'll get rid of it before paying to have it dry cleaned!  Can you guess what I paid for it?

Saturday, October 22, 2011


As every one that knows me all ready knows, I don't do anything normal!  This years pumpkins are keeping with my abnormal lifestyle and people want to see them, so here they are!

Blue pumpkin!
White pumpkin!
Apple pumpkin!
My somewhat normal baby pumpkins!
All of them together.
This is a T-shirt I made years ago.  It's held up quite well throughout the years!  At this time of the year, I tend to wear it until it stands on its own!  It's cross stitched using waste canvas and if you notice, the eyes, nose and mouth are cats!

Here are a few of my favorite pumpkins from Etsy!  Please click on the link below the photos to see the listings at Etsy.
This is from Mary at LuRuUniques!  She sells the parts that you put into a pumpkin of your own.  She says you can use the parts with one of those fake pumpkins that you can carve, so it's perfect for an indoor centerpiece at Thanksgiving!
Isn't this great!!!??!!!  This comes from hawthornehill and I can think of SO many things you could write on it, like KEEP OUT!  LOL!
And this felted pumpkin made from a sweater comes from Michele at mmwolters!  I can't think of a better way to re-purpose old sweaters!

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Grand Jury Duty

Today went pretty quick.  Things moved along nicely.  It's nice when I get dropped off at the doors of the courthouse and don't have to make the hike from the parking garage!  And then I arrive and the coffee is ready and waiting for me!

The first case started out and we got to see police chase videos from the police car dash cams.  It's really different when you feel like you are actually sitting there in the car and seeing things for real!  I had to laugh at the detectives, they brought evidence from the crime along with them, most of it has been stored away for a year now.  But they had a time getting some items opened up!  Then, once we saw everything, the DA asked them to leave the room while we discussed things and gave the DA some questions we'd like answered, so there they were, trying to shove everything back into the bags as quickly as they could and get it all back into the box.  

I'm not positive, but I think I have a little crush on the next DA!  He has a great sense of humor and is always in a good mood.  He starts out by thanking us for being there (do we have a choice?) and today he says, it's going to be a long day, he has 12 witnesses so he's thinking about 6 or 7 o'clock.  You could just hear moans and groans from the jurors at that point and he says, just kidding!  It's government employee payday so I want to get out of here in 15 mins.!  LOLOL!  Since he's getting paid today, he should treat us to lunch and he said we could even super size it but we have to order from the dollar menu.  He really was in a hurry!  We got out of there about 1 PM!

The security guards are getting to know us and are a lot of fun.  They try to guess if I'll set off the machine or not and I told them I'm onto their tricks and getting better!  I'm 5 for 5 now (not setting off the machine) and they root for me!  LOL!  I think it's time for me to slip a Pez dispenser into my purse for them to see as my purse goes through the x-ray machine.  I'm thinking of a smiley face dispenser and making a speech bubble that says something on it like Hi Guys!  Or I see you!  I have to give this some thought.  My luck, the day I plan this out, they will be on vacation and I'll get a stick in the mud security guard!  Wouldn't that be embarrassing?

We are also getting to know the other jurors and I'm pleased to say, #1 cranky dude actually came in and smiled and said good morning!  Wow!  I almost fainted.  The "I am so beautiful and into myself" dude lost his parking ticket!  LOLOL!  That was fun to watch.  But a few minutes later, another juror came in and said he found a parking ticket in the elevator.  Darn.  Then, there's the one that I roll my eyes over.  Every time she opens her mouth, I cringe and roll my eyes.  I had to be really careful today because one juror was missing and that put me closer to her.  I don't know how to stop it!  I don't really think it would be acceptable behavior if I covered my ears and went, la, la, la, I'm not listening, really loud.  But it's tempting.  Her questions make me think she watches way too much Law & Order and I get the feeling she takes notes while watching.

That's all folks, have a great weekend!  My next session will be Nov. 4th.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thrifting Finds!

I have just a few more things to share.

Check out this awesome chicken feeder!  I just see so many uses for this in a home.  Think centerpiece of a table with acorns in it, autumn display of mums in it and well, Martha Stewart I'm not, but I bet you could think of many more uses for it.  It screams primitive farmhouse!
This is another Brumberger file storage.  But, this one has a twist to it!
It's a front loader and I just love how it latches shut.
The little film making dude on the front.
I actually found 4 more flower frogs but the first three's photo was too bad to show you, so here is just one holding the buttons I found!
Aren't they just the cutest?  Glass baby face buttons!
Last year, I started making a charm bracelet for myself, using only vintage items.  I have no rules for it, just anything that will fit and I like them.  LOL!  I took some earrings apart for it and have a few other items but it just wasn't moving along as fast as I want it to.  I found a few more items for it, I'm especially fond of the Popeye charm!!!  And I only paid $2.00 for it so that made it even better.  And a ship in a bottle, how fun!  And yes, I found a plastic troll doll.
I try really hard to stay away from any more jewelry but as you can see, I just can't stay away.
The owl in the back is by Avon and is glow in the dark!  Plastic palm tree, set of two bees, two birds on a branch, clear acrylic with violet, clown pin, bugs, Bakelite buckle, awesome flower parasol and some funky red leaf earrings.
I got some super sales, like the owl pin was half price!

That's it for this trip!  See something you'd like to have?  Let me know and we'll work out a deal!  

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More Finds!

More of my finds from my weekend spree!

This is a wonderful posting tray from the late 1940's!
I've started to collect assorted bowls to use for Christmas gifts.
 I'm going to use them with the ball clusters I'll make.
It will be fun to match up the clusters with the bowls and people!
This washed up really nice!  A piece of opalescent glass for only $4.00!
I had to laugh at this, I thought it said DOH!  It's the initials DH with a space in it.
A metal stamp caddy.
I love this paper!  It folds over the edge of a shelf.
The colors are just wonderful on it.
More mini bowling pin trophies!
Beautiful Gourmet Pyrex casserole.  It was a promotional piece from the 60's.
This is a Delphite blue with fired on white and a pattern in gold.

One more day of finds, so stayed tuned!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shopping Spree!

I just returned from a long weekend of antique shopping.  My all time favorite thing to do!  Now I get to organize, clean and see exactly what I bought!  LOL!  Believe it or not, I love washing up the glassware and making it look pretty!  Seeing it sparkle again excites me!  :o)

I didn't do well at all with the paint by numbers this time.  In fact, I only came home with two pieces.  Above is an unopened kit of the Norman Rockwell clown.  $1.00 at a thrift shop!
This is yet another desk caddy!  The only reason I purchased this one was because it was only $3.00!
This is a fun item!  A flower fashioner that has a hard rubber suction cup on the bottom of it!
I'm not even sure the suction cup would work anymore, but it's still a neat piece!
I found some more knitting needles!  I love the two toned ones.  Some of the plastic ones are bent, but I still love them.
Okay, I sure hope someone proves my hubby wrong on this one!  Yes, I purchased a caulking gun!  It's just a cool looking, primitive, chippy thing I couldn't pass by.  He says no one would want it and I'm crazy.  sigh.
Got this really pretty bowl for .75 cents!  I'm wondering what the "ribbon" is or if I should even call it ribbon.  It's cloth and must have some special purpose but I don't know what that would be!  For .25 cents each roll, I couldn't resist it.
Ice tongs!  There's that blue again!
This is a bag of blocks that I use with perforated paper and they stack on each other or beside each other to form pictures.  I can't wait to make some more of these!
I love the color of this one!  Samsonite train case.
These are lab dippers.  They are open on the bottoms, you put microscope slides down into the ridges and then they'd dip them into stains.

That's it for today but I have more to come, so stay tuned!