Thursday, March 29, 2012


My latest
antique finds!
This is the Grapevine pattern from Pyrex.  It's got the beautiful Delphite Blue inside and on the bottom.  It's from the 60's and is the small bowl to a chip and dip set.

This is fun.  It is a tape moistener!

You can load a roll of tape to it, fill the basin with water and roll the tape over the roller to moisten it.

It's super heavy!  The base is cast iron.

This one is all mine!  A Willow Oak water tray.  I was lucky to find it for only $4.00!

Another piece of cubist.  I love how this washed up and sparkles.  Only $2.00!

I found another candy container!  A sailboat.  I guess once the candy was gone, you can use this for an ashtray.  No, Humpty isn't included!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


I was able to find some fun stuff!  I'm listing it all on Etsy.

First is this candy container that can be used as a bank:
It says Souvenir of Atlantic City on a sticker!

Next are more of these wonderful bowling pin trophies!
I love this enameled pin with rhinestones!

Now, I have to laugh about this one.  It's a pin and I thought it said DOH!  Turns out it's the initials DH with a spacer in it.
Cute little lovebird pin:
An Avon glow in the dark owl pin:
Plastic palm tree pin:
Scottie and Westie Pin:
Bakelite buckle:
Rhinestone pin:
Dragonfly necklace:
That's all for now but I do have more to come!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Finds Make-over!

Over the weekend, I found this little gem!

It's a folding chair by Leg-O-Matic and it was originally made for Airstream trailers.  There's also a matching table but I have yet to find one of those!

Well, it was a mess.  Filthy dirty and I wasn't sure I'd be able to clean up the seat part, but didn't think it would be too hard to replace the seat.  I'd rather not do that, I'd rather keep it original.

You can just see the filth on it.  So, when I got home, I set to cleaning it.  First, I tried one of those Clorox wipes, it was working but really hard.  I was thinking it would take me hours to do.  Next, I tried Clorox Anywhere spray but didn't like how it soaked into the seat.  Next, my trusty Scrubbin' Bubbles and a toothbrush.  Ah ha!  That was the combo I was looking for!

The hubby took out the screws so the seat was removed and took it into the kitchen.  I found my old plastic nail brush so it wouldn't take so long to do and sprayed it with the Scrubbin' Bubbles.  Brushed it with the nail brush and wiped it down with the Magic Eraser.  My hubby did this and probably saved me hours!  He used much more force than I could have done.  We did it one more time and here are the results!

Isn't it beautiful!  And completely original, which makes me happy!

Keep in mind if you ever want to clean something like this, always test in a spot that wouldn't show before you start on the main section!  This one had mold, a rust spot and some type of white spot on it.  Every bit of that is now gone!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Driving with a friend over the weekend, we were going down this small highway and I noticed a very large beautiful house that sat back from the highway.  Up by the road was a sign that indicated there were businesses inside the house.  I'm trying to read the sign the best I could as we flew passed it and I noticed it said "gynecology library".  I get started on a rant, why would anyone need a gynecology library?  Who would ever use a gynecology library?  What, do people walk in and look up the word uterus?  What in the world?

The whole time I'm off on my rant, my friend is glancing over to me with this look on her face.  Maybe she was trying to see if I was serious or not.  But she finally interrupts my rant and says "that's not the word that was on there".  While she starts to explain the word but she couldn't come up with the exact word she was looking for, I quickly ran through my mind a snapshot of the sign and OMG, it had said " genealogy library"  

Well, we got to laughing so hard I don't know how she drove the car and I thought for sure I'd wet myself!  And of course, it became the joke of the weekend!

Has this kind of thing every happened to you?  Unfortunately, it happens way too often to me!  Oh, could I tell you stories!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Silly Spaghetti

Last night, the hubby decided he wanted spaghetti for supper and he'll make it!  After he poured the spaghetti into the strainer, he started laughing and made me come into the kitchen.  Look!  Come here and look at this.  Okay, I go in and wasn't sure what I was supposed to be looking at.  He points to the inside of the pot that he just poured out.  This is what he was laughing at:

 It took me a second, do you see it?
It's a happy face!