Thursday, October 6, 2011


I had to go out today.  Had to.  I've been feeling so housebound lately, the weather has kept me from going out too much.  I want to go shopping!  And while the weather is nice, I better get out or the next thing I know, it will be snowing.

I stopped at one thrift shop and found a huge bag of coin wrappers.  I decided to get them because if you ask for them at the bank these days, you are lucky if they hand you five wrappers!  Best part, they were only .97 cents.

It seemed to be a porcelain day, for some reason!  Check this out!
What is it?  Got me, I guess it's a letter holder.  Do you know?
Now, not sure why but I had to have these.  LOLOL!
Yes, they are porcelain toilet paper holders!  One is an almond color and the other one is an off white color.  One is marked USA and the second one isn't marked at all.

I continued onto another shop and I kid you not, look what I found at this one!
It's a beautiful pale green toilet paper holder!  Who says you have to use it for tp?  I vote you buy it from me and use it as a candy dish.  The wheels are mine, you can't have those.

Have a shop, a booth in an antique mall?  Why not use these for business card holders?  They really are neat! What uses can you think of?
And finally, the last stop, I found this awesome casserole!
I know, it's not too exciting when you see it at this angle, but let's look closer!
And even closer:
It's olives!!!  A Pyrex divided casserole.  The outside is a fired on greenish/yellow color with the olives on the lid.  It's called Verde Olives by Pyrex and I'm lovin' it!


VintageVendor said...

I love this olive pattern.
Won't that be fun to cook with?

Anonymous said...

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