Friday, July 27, 2012

How did this happen?

Seriously.  Three of them?  sigh.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thrift finds!

We decided to take a trip about 45 minutes south of us to this place called Re-Store.  What a cool place this was!  It's for Habitat for Humanity and a thrift shop for building supplies!  They had these wonderful ceramic bathroom items to die for and only $4.00!  There's lighting, tiles, flooring and all kinds of things that are donated by local businesses or people to help rebuild houses or completely build new houses for people in need.

They have other items too.  Like a regular thrift shop minus clothing.  Worth a trip, although the only thing we walked out with was one  book for $2.00.  Check it out, you might find one in your area:  Habitat for Humanity.  

While in the area, we went to this huge thrift shop called Impact.  It's a higher class type thrift shop, so you can find bargains and then again, you might pass up things you'd otherwise buy at lower prices.  All depends, if you are shopping for yourself, the higher prices might be okay, if you are shopping for re-sale, you might have to pick through and pass up more.  

We purchased a paperback book, 3 hardcover books and now my fun starts!  I got this rhinestone pin:
Then, I got this bowl, I have a few items in this pattern and was happy to find this in such great condition and at a great price, 95 cents!
 It's a beautiful divided nut dish.
 Here is my problem.  I like to use my items and of course, this would need to be washed, however, it still has the original tag in it!  What would you do?
But this was the best.  
 Enameled veggie dish.
 Great graphics on this one.

And it's a Georges Briard!!  Woohoo!  Isn't it beautiful?

The cost for 4 books, the pin, the dish and the bowl?  Under $10.00!  

Monday, July 23, 2012

More vintage punch cards

I'm going to continue with the vintage punch cards.  You can click on the photos to enlarge, if you want to see things close up.  I won't show you the letters in this post, they are basically the same form letter with a few words changed!  And I'll leave out the order forms and envelopes or this post will go on forever.

This first one is the punch card for a musical treasure chest!  Lovely.
And the pamphlet that came with it.
An electric skillet with 3 extra winners!  LOL.  They would be the ballpoint pens.
Princess electric food mixer.  I wonder if any of these have survived the times!
Helps you prepare better meals!
Two beautiful (cough) hurricane lamps.  I got two of these punch cards.
Oh look, you can hang them on your wall in the kitchen!
Don't you just love it?  Takes COLOR and new built-in flash!
Dig the chick's bathing suit!
Pocket size radio!  And 4 extra winners on this one!
This is the one that is dated 1959.  I love the look on the lady's face!
Miss T.V. Queen, is that what happens to your eyes when you watch too much T.V.?
A 20 inch beauty, I know it's true because that's what it says!
Miss College Queen and Miss Bride Queen???  LOLOL!
Both over 2 feet tall!
That's it.  Hope you enjoy looking through these, I know I do!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Vintage Punch Cards

A lot of times, while on my antique travels, I'd see these vintage punch boards.  I loved the graphics on them, some so bright and wonderful.  They often advertised cigarettes, liquor or casino games and you'd see them on counters in stores and at bars etc.  Here's a few old boards:

 Well, these brought back some memories of my childhood.  I remember coming home from school with something similar to these when I was a kid.  Not as complex or pretty, just plain ones that they would use for fund raising purposes.  I remember I was always in trouble when it came to that time of the year because before I could get my card home with me, I would have every hole punched out of them and then my parents had to pay the full amount of money.  :o)

Since I thought the punch boards were too expensive, I started collecting the smaller, cardboard ones that I call punch cards.

The first one I got is called Lucky Girl:

You pick out the name of a girl you want, write your name next to that girl's name and punch out the hole of that girl.  You would then have to pay the amount under that name, in this case, from 1 cent to 39 cents.  The money collected went to the source raising money.

Then, these attracted me:
Probably the clowns, who knows!

Next came these:

Recently, a friend of mine came across these at a thrift shop and I snapped them up!  I loved going through all these, complete with the original paperwork, letters, envelopes to return the money, inserts etc.  What fun it is to see some of the merchandise offered!

Now, come on, who wouldn't want these items?  LOLOL!  

For some reason, this one really appeals to me!  I would LOVE to have this ashtray to go along with all this paperwork and punch card!  Oh how I want to find this in a thrift shop some day!  It's just makes me giggle.

And for that lucky couple!  His and her watches!

And for the man of the house!  A 36 piece work saver!  The letters crack me up, the all read "It's Yours - - practically as a gift!"

I got about 12 of these, so I won't show them all, but you get the idea.  They are dated around 1959 and I can say that because one of them says 1959 on it!

If you'd like to read a great article about punch boards and cards, here is an article from Collector's Weekly:

Reformed Gambling Swindle Becomes a Punch Board of Love

Hope you enjoyed yet another collection of mine!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Antique finds

I don't have much new to share but I did snag up these two items and wanted to share!
Isn't this just too sweet?  It's a mini hand truck made from pressed steel.  There's no markings on it and while trying to do research on it, I cannot find anything out about it, but I did see one more (they didn't know anything about it either).  My thoughts are, this is from an old truck, possibly a moving truck and talking to some other people, they think it just might be Buddy L.  How exciting is that?  
I sure wish I could find some tiny little cardboard boxes to make it look like a moving van is unloading, but I have been unable to find any.  If anyone has information regarding this, please let me know.

And my next gem, I'm loving this one!
This is just awesome!  Of course, it's a paint by number!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vintage Button Collection - Day 8

Still on realistics, the first ones are coconut shells.
And now, onto my Bakelite realistics.  The horseshoe has brass studs.
These are so tiny!  The pony is green.
I wish I could show you the real colors of these.  One Scottie is black and the other one is blue, so is the Mother Hubbard.
I love this one.  It was more than I usually spend but I decided to treat myself to it with my birthday money one year!
Another one of my favorites.  Hand painted, can you tell?  Thank you to my friend and you know who you are!
My bestest, chunky Bakelite!
See how thick they are?
That's it!