Friday, October 7, 2011

Jury Duty

Well, I did much better at pulling into the parking garage today!  I just needed to square up my car and I can reach the ticket now.  One word of advice, don't pull into a parking garage with your sunglasses on, you can't see!

Did all the right things walking to the courthouse, but I had two, count em, two bums approach me.  First one told me this sob story about how he needed a few bucks to get a bus to take him home, the second one would not let me alone.  I kept walking without looking at him but he ran right after me, he wanted 50 cents.  sigh.  Thing is, I saw the first bum when I left for the day and he didn't look like he wanted to go home anymore.  I wonder if I'll see him the next time I go!

I didn't have a table partner today.  Things got moved around again.  Maybe they just did not want Dixie and I sitting together because we talk too much!

We had one case we could cross off the list!  A man was arrested in a double murder case, so we don't have to worry about investigating that one but they went ahead and added another case.  Geez.  LOL!

I'm getting to know the other jurors.  I like to pretend I know what they do for a living.  And I like to give them names.  Like one is #1 Mr. Cranky Dude.  He's never happy so I've made it my mission to make him talk and I'll faint if he ever smiles.  He runs for the elevator and gets upset if people keep coming, he's in a hurry and has places to go!  Um, excuse me, but didn't he know he had jury duty and there's never telling how long we are going to be there, so why does he have plans?

I like most of these people.  Most.  But there's always one in the crowd.  One just plain gets on my nerves.  I must stop rolling my eyes up into my head when words come out of her mouth.  I'm either going to get caught doing that or they will get stuck up in my head someday.  But seriously, it's really important to know when a witness was de-friended on Facebook?  Really???  Okay, whatever.  If she'd stop asking so many stupid questions, we'd get out of there a lot earlier!

I love the one DA we have!  He's always in a good mood!  Unlike the other one that was out of sorts today.  But he asked if we needed anything and one juror said he'd like a toaster in the break room so we could toast our bagels!  The DA said they probably have one down in the property room that they confiscated from somewhere, he'd see what he can do!

We have one case where there are so many people involved, it's difficult to keep track of everyone.  I whispered to Christina that we need some type of "family tree" type thing to help us out with the who's who!  Today, the DA said he's in the process of making up a chart because Christina thought it would be a good idea to see who is who.  Um.  I shot her a look and said Family Tree???  And she smiled and nodded.  I'm onto her!

Time seems to drag on while I'm there.  It sure is a long time for me to sit still!  When we are there close to lunch time and we still have a way to go, they always ask if we want to take an hour for lunch or do we want to plow through and go home early.  Majority always votes we plow through and go home earlier but early for a day like today is still 2:30 or so!

Until next time!


VintageVendor said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date with your grand jury experiences. The bums would have scared the heck out of me. Keep working on Mr. Cranky Dude!

Doodle said...

If anyone can crack Mr. Cranky it be YOU!!! I know you can do it. When you are nearing the end, you should present them all with name badges ~ then RUN!!!!!!!!!! (but not with scissors please)

Love reading your adventures. A book in the making. Yep!