Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shopping Spree!

I just returned from a long weekend of antique shopping.  My all time favorite thing to do!  Now I get to organize, clean and see exactly what I bought!  LOL!  Believe it or not, I love washing up the glassware and making it look pretty!  Seeing it sparkle again excites me!  :o)

I didn't do well at all with the paint by numbers this time.  In fact, I only came home with two pieces.  Above is an unopened kit of the Norman Rockwell clown.  $1.00 at a thrift shop!
This is yet another desk caddy!  The only reason I purchased this one was because it was only $3.00!
This is a fun item!  A flower fashioner that has a hard rubber suction cup on the bottom of it!
I'm not even sure the suction cup would work anymore, but it's still a neat piece!
I found some more knitting needles!  I love the two toned ones.  Some of the plastic ones are bent, but I still love them.
Okay, I sure hope someone proves my hubby wrong on this one!  Yes, I purchased a caulking gun!  It's just a cool looking, primitive, chippy thing I couldn't pass by.  He says no one would want it and I'm crazy.  sigh.
Got this really pretty bowl for .75 cents!  I'm wondering what the "ribbon" is or if I should even call it ribbon.  It's cloth and must have some special purpose but I don't know what that would be!  For .25 cents each roll, I couldn't resist it.
Ice tongs!  There's that blue again!
This is a bag of blocks that I use with perforated paper and they stack on each other or beside each other to form pictures.  I can't wait to make some more of these!
I love the color of this one!  Samsonite train case.
These are lab dippers.  They are open on the bottoms, you put microscope slides down into the ridges and then they'd dip them into stains.

That's it for today but I have more to come, so stay tuned!


VintageVendor said...

You really found some unique items, but then you always have a knack for doing that. I love the flower fashioner and those ice tongs, but my favorite is the PBN! I had no idea what the lab dippers were. I learned something new today.

Good stuff!!!!

Jennie said...

Love the train case and the flower fashioner. I didn't know what the lab dippers were, either- very cool.