Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I needed a new light.

I have a vintage typewriter table that is now turned into my printer table.  One night while printing out some items, I needed to change an ink cartridge in the printer.  I could barely see to do it, the light in our house is so bad.  It was decided I need a light. But what kind?

My very first thought was one of those old fashion tension pole lights.  My hubby said no.  We looked everywhere for a floor lamp, wall lights, hanging lights, clip on lamps but I couldn't find anything I liked.

Then, one day while in an antique mall, I saw it!  The light I wanted.  I made note of where it was in the mall and went home, waited for the hubby to come home and had him go over with me to look at it.

I show it to him and he goes, oh, that is a tension pole?  I didn't know what one was.  Geez!  Then why say no until you've seen one?  We dug it out of the booth and took it to the counter, they put lights in it and tried it for us and it was mine.

I'm thinking this might be a Gerald Thurston lamp.  I love the shape of the shades and how they turn on!  The switches are hidden.  Um, I'm thinking this would be awesome next to my new shadowbox wall shelf but then I wouldn't have anything for the corner again!

I'm really junkin' up that 80's wall paneling "he" won't get rid of, aren't I?  Hey, if I can't lick em, I'll join em.  Just wait for the shag carpeting and bean bag chairs!  I all ready have the inflatable footstool, paint by numbers and funky fiberglass lights!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mid-century Wall Shelf

The hubby and I went antique shopping yesterday and I saw this shelf on the wall.  About half joking, I showed it to the hubby and said how much I loved it!  Well, image my surprise when he didn't poo poo it!  He was looking at it and I realized it would light up.  We tried it but it wouldn't light but the clerk swore it had to be the light bulbs because it worked when the seller brought it in.  The price tag?  It was marked $150.00 but then marked on clearance for $50.00.  Since the lights weren't working, maybe the seller would mark it down further?  The clerk gets on the phone and low and behold, she said if we take it today, she would let it go for $35.00.  SOLD!    It is manufactured by Illinois Moulding Company.   

We replaced the bulbs and sure enough, it lights like a charm!  Now, let's get it hung on the wall. 

Next step is what should I put on it?  I thought about my book art, my vintage air freshener collection, my sea shell animals and then settled on these:

My vintage eyeglass holder collection!  I think it would be sweet with colored bottles, too.

One last final touch!

Just wouldn't be complete without my new gravel art!

Illinois Moulding Co. would mass produce accessories for walls.  They did a boatload of plaques and if I ever come across plaques that match the panels along the sides of this, they'd be mine in a heartbeat!  But from what I can gather, these shelves were made with different panels or with a wire panel.  Could get small planters for each side and with the mirror like mine along the edge.  Check out this one with additional items to it:

And another one:

 And one more:

I'll be keeping my eye out for that one!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Gravel art

I'm so excited to finally get a piece of gravel art!  And a matching set at that.  I wondered why it seemed out of my price range and while doing so research on it, I found out the show Mad Man has it shown on the walls or something so that would mean every single person must run out and get some and that makes the prices go out of control.  I've never once seen the show so I don't know what the big deal is, I just want some inexpensive gravel art!

Mine is called Calypso No. 1 and Calypso No. 2.  Apparently, they didn't come in the same box, you had to buy both and that explains why I don't see a lot of matching sets out there.

I'm hooked now that I took that first step and got a set!  I see a puppy I want and some retro looking lights that I must have!  I love the hunt!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Chalkboard door

It's times like this that I sure wish I could draw!

I purchased magnetic letters for my door but need stencils or something for drawing purposes!

First I did Easter:

I was able to fill in the carrot and make a face on the rabbit, but that was about it.

Now, I've moved onto Spring!

I'm not really good at this but it is fun!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Lately, I've been on a rampage!  My doors were boring me and needed something done with them.  I started in the dining room and painted the door with black magnetic paint, several coats, then topped that off with chalkboard paint.  Put on a new satin nickel door knob, replaced my switch plate to a satin nickel finished plate that I found that is so neat because you don't see any screws!

Now, magnetic paint isn't all it is talked up to be and knowing what I know now, I wouldn't bother with it.  It's difficult to work with, stinks to high heaven and you really need to use items that have large magnets on them.  I would do the chalkboard again though.



Moved onto the downstairs powder room, which is my retro 50's bathroom of all black, white and aqua.  Did the inside of the door, high gloss white and the outside of the door, high gloss black!  Again, used nickel satin hardware.

I have one more door to do this weekend.  Going to do glow in the dark paint on one side and a distressed gray on the other side.  Can't wait to see how this one turns out!