Monday, May 31, 2010

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekend Finds - The BEST!

I bet you are thinking, thank goodness she's done with her finds! Hang in there, these are the BEST!
I found a whole big bag of Wade figures and instantly fell in love with them. Like I need another collection! But just look how cute that snowman is! The circus animals are my favorite!

This was an interesting item! It's a desk thermometer. Works like a compass.I found this box of children's tin dish set and thought it was so cute I didn't even look through them. When I got home, I found the Little Bo Peep items mixed in!Three tin noisemakers! I couldn't believe I found this in a thrift shop! Beautiful design and wonderful art deco! The handles are celluloid.Be still my pounding heart! A second one!!!! And just look at it, isn't is awesome?Bakelite handles!Feast your eyes! Can you believe it? LOLOL! It's called a terrarium inflatable footstool! How cool is that? You want it don't you? I know you do!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Now, back to Weekend Finds!

Took a short break from the finds to tell a short story but I'm back now! This cute metal nut dish is special! Have a look inside!
It's a nut cracker!

I picked up some wonderful paper items! The upper left hand corner item is a beautiful sheet music leaflet. The colors are so neat!

Ah, a paint by number! I love it!

These are fun! They are wooden mini bowling pins that were handed out in the late 60's, early 70's for individual high scores! Names, scores and such are printed or written on each one.

Ah, another paint by number! I love the subject of this one!

Super nice post card of Heinz Pier in Atlantic City, NJ.
Double wooden hamburger press with roosters on it.

Very pretty blue luster salt and pepper shaker in stand.

This is SO Judy Jetson! It's a beautiful aqua plastic.

It's a buttonholer by Singer.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Break from Finds for a Short Story.

Names have been changed to protect the innocent!

Once upon a time there were two sistas named Jlenna and Pinda. They were very happy together. Jlenna taught Pinda the use of a crochet stick and they shared everything. They combed each others hair and just enjoyed each others company.Then one day, along came a handsome man named Mr. Dubbles. He just made Jlenna swoon! Yep, they were in like and where one went, so did the other one. Pinda wanted someone to talk to. So, she joined and read profile after profile. Soon she was talking to Lane and they became instant friends.

They soon started talking to Kulie (photo below) and Jaren (no photo available). . .

Next came Leggy. They all talked and talked all the time. Pinda and Leggy had things in common, they both were very good at using paint sticks. Kulie went to visit Jlenna and Mr. Dubbles, they had a nice time. Each one got to know each other and enjoyed the times spent chatting and sharing stories. Mr. Dubbles was very protective of his women and took very good care of them!
Jaren was very shy and innocent, for some reason, they call her Quackers. It's okay, Jaren didn't mind. She enjoyed just sitting in the corner and listening to what was going on. Taking notes and taking it all in, just in case she ever needs to bribe anyone. Fun times were had by all.

They lived happily ever after in a magical land name Fretsy.

Another Day of Shopping Finds!

This is going to be a longer post! I have so much to show! NOT for sale. We won't go there! Yep, it is a faucet handle!

I've been collecting these flower frogs since last year. I love them!

The ones in the containers are harder to find.

You can use these for so many things! Martha Stewart would use them for name card holders at place settings for her next party. Martha Stewart I'm not!

Two pieces of souvenir glass and a meat hook. The meat hook is NOT for sale, no matter how much you beg.

Not positive what this is! I can't find it in doing research. It's some type of press. Is for hair, collars, cuffs? Got me on this one!

Some rhinestone bling!
Some misc. pins.

This is a children's learn to stitch kit! There's one towel missing but it's still a really cute set! Would be awesome in a vintage sewing room!

This seems really dangerous to me! It's a magnetic knife holder and it's in that wonderful bright red color that was so popular! Best part is, it's still in the original box!

This is neat, with all the dust and all! Anodized aluminum in dark and light green lazy susan. I've never seen one like it.

I LOVE paint by numbers and was thrilled to find this pamphlet about them!

Who knew?

It goes on and on showing so many kits that were available at the time.

Wow, do I have some searching to do! LOL!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shopping - Day Two

More of my weekend finds! Add eyes to this button and I see a clown!
Buttons and buckles. Some really pretty glass and celluloid buttons and Bakelite buckles.
Why in the world would anyone want a broken necklace?
Because I now have two vintage box clasps!

A cool set of anodized coasters.

I never purchased cufflinks before. At first, I only saw one of the brown ones and thought it was a belly ring. *sigh*

Just look at the face on that dog! These are four sheets of vintage German die cuts.

I've seen these dogs before but don't recall ever seeing one with a bone!

And it's a souvenir doggy!

Okay, well, these are my bigger dog's favorite toys. They giggle, so he likes to make the giggle and then throw them down the steps. Once the batteries go dead, they are too expensive to keep replacing. It was cheaper to buy new giggle balls. Now I can't find them anymore so I was thrilled to find these for $1.00 each! He'll be happy too but they are hidden for now!
Have a nice day!