Thursday, December 18, 2014

More Christmas

New this year is my cardboard houses.  Since this photo was taken, I found the most awesome wagon made from cardboard and added it to the display, it's not shown in this photo though.

My cabinet with all the displays:

My gumball tree:

I made a complete forest of paper art trees atop candlestick holder (tree trunks) but just can't get a decent photo of it, here's just a small part of the forest on top of my vintage file cabinet:

My kitschy retro wall shelf with handmade ornament wreaths (next year, this will be loaded with kitschy Christmas stuff!!!)

My bathroom!

Love the Kleenex box I found at Dollar General.

A friend of mine gave me these Snowpeople so long ago!

Cellophane wreaths are a new addition this year.

For the first time since we got the shed, we decided to hang wreaths off the doors and I just love it!

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

More Christmas projects

Today's projects are now finished!
Here are my supplies:

How cute are those jars?  I found them at the dollar store!  Decorative filler, bottle brush trees and miniature figures.
So easy to do!  Fill the jars with the filler and just stick things inside!  The jars are small so I only put two items in each one and kept with the snowman theme on the lids:

Now, if only I could take nice photos of them.

Then, I took some glass cubes I had in the basement and put some more filler in those and used things I had been picking up at antique shops.

Snowman with deer.

One more of the same:

And the second one I did:

My country house.  LOL!

I love how the glass distorts the items a bit.

Do you think I should bury the wood stands down into the filler? 
The blocks fit nicely into the cubes of my small cabinet.  Will get photos as soon as I get my wall tree in place.


Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Time!

I have SO much to do for the holidays and can't wait to get to them!
I've started lining things up on the dining room table.

For my tree, nothing but Jewelbrites and Paint by number ornaments.

I used the original shape, the ornament, from The Farm Chicks and shown in Country Living Magazine plus traced cookie cutters in the shapes of a candy cane and stocking.  I used a larger, duplicate paint by number and once traced, I cut them out.  I have brown and white baker's twine that I decided the white was too bright for a vintage tree, so I tea dyed the twine.

These items are for various projects.  I want to make some snow cubes with the trees and other items, a village and who knows what else.
The tree:

This is the tree I purchased at a flea market for $3.00!!!!!

I found a wonderful Jewelbrite tree topper!

A Jewelbrite tree!

This is my favorite PBN ornament!  My second one shows the house.

I still need a vintage tree skirt.  I sent a convo to an Etsy seller that has one I'm interested in but there's no dimensions in the description.  Would you agree that is something you would want to know?  Well, 24 hours later and still no answer and I see she has listed since I wrote, so I guess she doesn't care if she gets my money or not because I have decided, no answer, no sale.  It's too much money and photos can be deceiving, so I've made up my mind!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

A good laugh!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


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This really is amazing! 
 Check back to see another video that came after she said yes!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Flea Market Finds

Wow, today was one of the best flea markets ever!  So many vendors, so much fun!  We were there for five hours!  Wanna see what I got?

I have no idea what these are.  Yes, they are paint by numbers but of what?  I searched the museum for them and can't find them.  I tried searching with the following tags:  girl, boy, dog, cat, bear, hat, circus and monkey.  Nothing.  Any ideas?
This next item is one of those, what the hell is it and must have it things. 

It clips onto something and I guess it holds cups.  Does it clip onto a table?  Is it for a card table?  I carried it around the flea market and kept asking vendors if they knew, two of them said it was a cup holder for a car.  Um.  Why does it have a handle there?  Tuck napkins in it?

I just thought it was neat.  Hard to sell if you don't know what it is though!

A large box of papers and cards.

There's some neat items from the 40's from a school class trip!

Love the chenille doll card!
Apparently, someone was handy with crafts!

They used a lot of crepe paper.  LOL!

A bowling game.

I loved the old garden claw but the man said I had to take the second one for free.  LOLOL!  He wanted to get rid of them.

Georges Briard plate

Bottle cover

Safety pin angel

Suction cup cricket

Dog salt and pepper shakers

Flocked dog (Goofy???) salt and pepper holder

Second look:

Burwood butterfly set

Matching little ones

I have one item that I didn't take a photo of, it's a 6 pane window!  I got it cheap and want to do a project with it, so maybe you'll get to see it some time later.  And got myself a new plant for my garden.  Was a great day!