Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Different paint by numbers

The same friend cleaning out her mother's house informed be she found a paint by number for me!  Well, what she gave me sure was different!  Take a look:

It's like a mosaic art!  I know it's a paint by number because you can see some of the numbers through the thinner paint spots:

Very interesting!  The second she left, I started doing research on it.  I couldn't find one single thing about it, even in the Paint by Number Museum.

One night, I was cruising eBay and came across a lot of mosaic art paint by numbers.  Wow, the seller had them priced so high, there was no way I was going to touch them.  But, now I have a manufacturer to look into.  I showed the lot to my hubby and he says I should offer the seller 1/3 of the price she was asking and see what happens.  Like I'm going to do that.

A week later, I come across the listing again and there's only 1 hour left on it.  No bids!  So, what the heck, I email the seller and offer her the 1/3 off her listing price.  OMG, she accepted it!!  The lot showed up yesterday and how fun it is?

The box has the Jamaican scenes inside it.  Two 10 x 14 pictures, dried up paint bottles, a plastic palette, directions and one paint brush.

One is finished, the second one isn't.  

These are completely different from the Jesus picture my friend gave me, who knew?  The Jesus picture has the numbers on the picture itself but these have a paper guide with the numbers on them that you flip the plastic picture on top of and paint it on the back, within these small "wells" located on it.

Here is the back of one:

Once the painting is done, there's gold foil included that you attach to the back to "enhance" the picture!  

I'm always thrilled to get catalogs that come with the kits.  They are so helpful when doing research:

This is funny, the color chart.  All you need to do these pictures is 8 colors, then you mix those colors together for the rest of the numbers!  I really think I want to try to finish these and this chart is wonderful to help me with that!

Some more paperwork included:

And what the finished pictures should look like:

As a bonus, inside the box was 2 other pictures!  These are called  Peasants.

One finished, one not.  Number guide is included, so I should be able to finish it!

These are by Transogram company somewhere around 1959!  The search is on for more!  Plus, the Jesus one is not showed in any of the paperwork.  I wonder if it is still by Transogram but much later in time.  

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New paper beads

I've been trying to come up with something new for my paper bead line and this is what I came up with, finally!

I take regular paper with a pattern on it.

Cut out the bead shapes, roll and glue them and then I stained them.

Then, coated them as usual.  So they still have a nice gloss to them.  I made these beads into a necklace:

I like how they darken up but you can still see the pattern through the stain.

Here's a set I did to put in my shop.

Monday, February 18, 2013

New old lamp

A while back, I purchased new living room furniture. 

Since I can't get the hubby to do anything about my 1980's paneling, I decided I'd work that into the look and just go retro.  I gave great thought to shag carpet and bean bag chairs but knew I wouldn't get away with that.  My sofa is pretty plain but I funked up the room with funky chairs.  This is the fabric of the chairs.

Now, I needed either a retro table, my thoughts were something with a Formica top or I need a floor lamp.  I was torn between a fiberglass 2-tier shaded one or a floor to ceiling one.  Plus, it didn't have to be old, just look old and funky.  The colors in my chairs are an ivory background with dark and light brown spots and a little bit of robin's egg blue in them.  I searched hours and hours, days turned into months and even a year.  I could find things I loved but had to turn away from them because of colors.  Most fiberglass shades I was finding were in pinks and greens.

About 6 months ago, a friend tells me she found a shade in her mother's house that she thinks I might like.  She brings it up to me and I just about fell over!  This is what she GAVE me:

This is so perfect, I could not believe it!  Fiberglass, 2-tier and the best colors ever!  They are shown better in the last photo.

Now, I have to find the best floor light stand.  Again, I spent so much time on eBay and Craig's List, was always on the lookout in antique shops, thrift shops and flea markets.  It was another 2 months when my hubby and I went antique shopping and buried behind a ton of stuff, the hubby found the perfect stand.  A clerk patiently dug it out so we could look at it.  It's brass with a marble base, was missing some parts which we weren't sure we could replace but it was definitely the best one we ever saw.  The clerk took it upon herself to call the owner of the booth and ask him if he'd consider a better price.  He came down to $60 on it.  We went home without it to give it some thought, the next day, the hubby stopped back into the store and picked it up.  

Of course, it's surrounded by paint by numbers.  I can change those out with seasons or something fun like that!

I love how it turned out and it was well worth the wait!  Now I have light in the living room again!  Either the hubby gets rid of that paneling or it will just keep getting funkier in there!  I took the handles off the beautiful oak Yield House coffee table and replaced them with faucet knobs in different colors.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Update Shops with Sales from Vesties!

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