Saturday, October 22, 2011


As every one that knows me all ready knows, I don't do anything normal!  This years pumpkins are keeping with my abnormal lifestyle and people want to see them, so here they are!

Blue pumpkin!
White pumpkin!
Apple pumpkin!
My somewhat normal baby pumpkins!
All of them together.
This is a T-shirt I made years ago.  It's held up quite well throughout the years!  At this time of the year, I tend to wear it until it stands on its own!  It's cross stitched using waste canvas and if you notice, the eyes, nose and mouth are cats!

Here are a few of my favorite pumpkins from Etsy!  Please click on the link below the photos to see the listings at Etsy.
This is from Mary at LuRuUniques!  She sells the parts that you put into a pumpkin of your own.  She says you can use the parts with one of those fake pumpkins that you can carve, so it's perfect for an indoor centerpiece at Thanksgiving!
Isn't this great!!!??!!!  This comes from hawthornehill and I can think of SO many things you could write on it, like KEEP OUT!  LOL!
And this felted pumpkin made from a sweater comes from Michele at mmwolters!  I can't think of a better way to re-purpose old sweaters!

Happy Halloween!


Beth said...

Great pumpkins!!
and a really neat blog!

Leonda said...

I am obsessed with freaky pumpkins and make it my goal to find new types each year. Last year's discovery was the pale ones with what look like peanuts plastered all over them.
This year, we found some super large warty covered green ones.
I read in the paper about blue pumpkins debuting this year, but searched and searched to no avail. Great feature!

Runs With Scissors said...


Here is a previous post regarding peanut pumpkins!

peppercorns said...

It started with the peanut pumpkins and now you have me looking at all the different kinds when I go to the store. LOL

I had a nice peanut pumpkin vine this year, beautiful flowers and all, but no pumpkins. I know next year will be better!

Runs With Scissors said...

Pepper, remember you didn't think the peanut pumpkins were real? LOL! I guess you thought I glued the peanuts onto the pumpkin!

VintageVendor said...

I have never seen a blue pumpkin before.
I'm going to hunt one down next year!
The apple pumpkin is fantastic.

VintageEmbellishment said...

You know I love pumpkins! The chalk board one really "speaks" to me!

Mary said...

Didn't know there were so many different kinds of pumpkins... Peanut Pumpkins? Blue Pumpkins and Apple Pumpkins??? For Fun.
This is a fun feature. Thank you.gutbah