Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More thrift shopping!

A friend of mine took a day off work and we spent the day thrift shopping!  My favorite thing to do!  I think I was pretty shopped out from my thrifting vacation, but I still managed to find a few things!
First off, I found this paint by number for the awesome price of $3.00!  Peeps, please do NOT put glass over a paint by number!  Just in the time I got this one home, the paint had softened up and was sticking to the glass.  I was lucky, I got the glass off and there wasn't any damage to the picture.

At the same thrift shop, I found this beauty!  I had seen it before but it was always way too expensive.  My patience paid off!  I got this one for $5.00!!!  It's a very long picture, about 32" long.  There was another one there but it was $8.00 and showed damage.
This is just plain weird!  LOLOL!
I'm pretty sure it's Shim's brother!  Yep, I need to do some research on this one!
These are huge industrial size!  Wonderful old picking shears.  The note attached to it says it doesn't cut fabric too well!
This is just a really cute poodle that I just couldn't resist!
I had to laugh about this one.  I found this sealed bag of items and all I could see were the large trees and two wooden pieces in it.  I liked the trees, so I purchased the bag for $3.00.
I was thrilled to find even more trees inside it, the cutest small ones I've ever seen and that little piece of the couple building a snowman!
Was able to get a few more bowls for my Christmas project!  The one on the left has a bee on the bottom of it, it's Higbee glass!  Might not be able to part with that one.  :o)
Very pretty crystal wedding compote!

Lastly, I've been looking for a blazer to wear to court.  I didn't have anything nice for the Fall weather but couldn't find anything I liked with a price tag to match.  Look what I found!
It's a beautiful beige color with green and maroon houndstooth.  Made in USA, not a rip, tear or frayed thread on it.  Seriously looks like it was never worn.  What's wrong with it?  It's dry clean only, but for what I paid for it, I'll get rid of it before paying to have it dry cleaned!  Can you guess what I paid for it?


Doodle said...

Great finds! I am thinking you maybe paid about $5.95 for that blazer? Better watch out though, you may end up with a new neighbor ~ someone hitting on you! haha

Love those glass items - very cool!

Leonda said...

Coincidentally, I sold a large PBN of the Last Supper yesterday (a different version than yours).

Love your blog sound track!