Monday, September 20, 2010

Antique Finds, Part II

This is a drapery panel.  Pretty, right?  LOL!  I'll be using it for background for photos.
A large roll of shelf liner.
Meet Ele!
This looks really bad, doesn't it?  You are probably wondering what would make me want to buy this.  Let's take a closer look!
It's not really a badly damaged tray, it's an unfinished paint by number!
More Lucite!  Reverse carved earrings.
Another piece of Virginia Game barware.
Have a nice day!


Doodle said...

Love Ele! Can't believe she's still in the package. Are you planning to finish that PBN? (lol)

I think I need to move to a place that has great thrift stores, swap meets and estate sales. Feel like I'm missing out on so much!!!

Starfish, darling! said...

Sorry, but that background can I say this nicely...not my favorite. Doesn't do your items justice at all!

I shoot products for catalogs professionally and that is not conducive to selling. IMHO.


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