Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thrifting - On the Road!

I only have a few photos so far, I am just so far behind, but there will be more to follow.

A friend of mine took off work yesterday and I went down to her neck of the woods and we went thrifting.  First place we went to was really something else!  It was huge and so well organized, I couldn't believe it.  A room for books alone and each book filed by category!  It's called IMPACT and there's two more down that way that I do think I need to check out some day.  Here's a link, check out how big they are!

The second place we went was a Salvation Army thrift shop that had just opened up.  It was nice, but after Impact, it seemed so small!  Here are the items I found there.

Two Gay Fad mugs!  These are by Fire-King and are so pretty!

A metal basket with a green depression glass bowl.  I couldn't believe it was still there.  The glass insert didn't fit very nicely into the basket but it was SO dirty that once I got all the dirt off it, it fit in perfect.
I sure do like lucite and acrylic items!  This is a reversed carved rose in lucite and the best part, it was only .29 cents!

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