Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thrifting - On the Road! Part Three!

I'm pretty sure this is some type of torture device!  Actually, it holds items like cheese, the huge roast etc. so you can then slice it.  Love the chippy look!
There's no reason whatsoever to purchase something like this next bowl.  Okay, yes there is.  First off, it was only .50 cents.
And it is perfect for my felted acorns!  I think I might need some more acorns to fill it out.
This next item is a covered bowl that was so filthy dirty, the lid wouldn't fit on it properly.  Once cleaned up, it's a beauty!
Something else I purchased for myself!  My friend found this purse and thought I had to have it.  I went back and forth, for $1.99, how could I lose?  I couldn't put it back.

It's a Longaberger!  I had no idea they even made things like this!

Yep, it's mine, all mine and I'm pleased with it!
I really wanted to get out of the luggage business, but saw this one and had to think it over.
It's a Samsonite and I fell in love with the design. 

Nope, that's not runny dirt, it's the pattern in it!

It's not squared, the bottom flares out a bit that gives it a wonderful look!

That's it for now!  Thanks for stopping by!


Doodle said...

I think I have the glass covered bowl too! They are so cool. And that luggage looks like briefcase I have - smaller scale.
Another fun post of thrifty thrifting.

Jennie said...

It is SO hard to resist a fine piece of vintage luggage! I'm enjoying all of your finds- thanks so much for taking the time to post them!! xo

kath001 said...

Hi, found your blog via One Pretty Thing. Love it!

My mother had that exact suitcase, only in an offwhite/ivory color. Recently a friend gave me another one exactly like it only in blue. I did not keep either of them, because of the sides being angled. I hope someone was happy finding them at the thrift store. I love the color of the one you found!