Friday, September 10, 2010

Thrifting - On the Road! Part Two

In the book room at Impact, I found these two children's books.  I just like the looks of them!  They are from the late 1940's.

This is a cake server with Bakelite handles.  What I want to know is, which side is down and which side is up?  Do they work like this?
Or this?  Which way does the curved end go?
I love to find old journals!  I found two manuscript books and a grade record book.
What I find interesting is this manufacturer's name!  Warner Brothers!
Ah, just look at the insides!  And the best part?  Only .35 cents each!
I couldn't resist another flower frog!
And one more item for today.  I found this Burwood plastic clock from the 70's.  It's not a favorite subject of mine but I hope someone else will fall in love with it.
It has the white wicker look, blue accents and Mom with daughter at the lake.
It didn't work when I got it home.  The battery wouldn't stay in it.  I told the hubby to fix it and he just started laughing and said I was putting the wrong size battery in it.  SIGH.  Works great now!
And this neat bottle!
Remember this stuff?  Artificial sweetner in the liquid form, just pump it into your beverage!

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