Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekend Finds - The BEST!

I bet you are thinking, thank goodness she's done with her finds! Hang in there, these are the BEST!
I found a whole big bag of Wade figures and instantly fell in love with them. Like I need another collection! But just look how cute that snowman is! The circus animals are my favorite!

This was an interesting item! It's a desk thermometer. Works like a compass.I found this box of children's tin dish set and thought it was so cute I didn't even look through them. When I got home, I found the Little Bo Peep items mixed in!Three tin noisemakers! I couldn't believe I found this in a thrift shop! Beautiful design and wonderful art deco! The handles are celluloid.Be still my pounding heart! A second one!!!! And just look at it, isn't is awesome?Bakelite handles!Feast your eyes! Can you believe it? LOLOL! It's called a terrarium inflatable footstool! How cool is that? You want it don't you? I know you do!


Jennie said...

OMG- that footstool is TOO much! As always, you find the most interesting stuff around- kudos!

Anna said...

Those noisemakers are awesome.