Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shopping - Day Two

More of my weekend finds! Add eyes to this button and I see a clown!
Buttons and buckles. Some really pretty glass and celluloid buttons and Bakelite buckles.
Why in the world would anyone want a broken necklace?
Because I now have two vintage box clasps!

A cool set of anodized coasters.

I never purchased cufflinks before. At first, I only saw one of the brown ones and thought it was a belly ring. *sigh*

Just look at the face on that dog! These are four sheets of vintage German die cuts.

I've seen these dogs before but don't recall ever seeing one with a bone!

And it's a souvenir doggy!

Okay, well, these are my bigger dog's favorite toys. They giggle, so he likes to make the giggle and then throw them down the steps. Once the batteries go dead, they are too expensive to keep replacing. It was cheaper to buy new giggle balls. Now I can't find them anymore so I was thrilled to find these for $1.00 each! He'll be happy too but they are hidden for now!
Have a nice day!

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Julie said...

You really had a blast on this last trip. Some pretty cool stuff you got there. Will be waiting for the next installment.