Sunday, May 2, 2010

Photo Challenge!

I've issued a challenge to anyone that wants to try it. The challenge is to go out to your backyard and use something from your yard for a listing. You can bring the item indoors if you want.

You can click on the underlined shop name to be taken directly to the shops!

The first one submitted is this beauty from VintageEmbellishment! You can visit her shop to see the actual listing. N is for NEST! Oh, so pretty!The next three photos were submitted by Timeless Journey! Her barn wood creations are wonderful and so are her photos! I love this photo, it looks like the white flowers are a print inside the frame!

It would have been smarter on my end to wait to issue a challenge until I had more items in bloom! But NO, I wanted to do it now. So, I don't have many items I can use outside. You can see my listings at VintageStation.

Isn't this a neat idea! Comes from ircrafty.

From countrysoapsbymarlen come the next three photos!Blooming Tulip Soap!From Peppercorns2. Um, are those apples real?The following two photos come from PaintedMemoriesByRos! They are her lilacs and bleeding hearts from her yard!From MySeriousSide is this wonderful flower frog! You do know you can use flower frogs for place cards at your next party, right Martha?The next three photos are from JustJanesThings!

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laruefashions said...

I love IRCrafty's new line of pendants! They are so pretty!