Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Photo Challenge Part Two!

This entry comes from SESCo! Features her glycerine soap and weeds from her yard. LOL, just kidding.
What can I say? I did say go outside and find something in your backyard and take photos of it for a listing. Next time I'll think more about it before I issue a challenge!

This comes from GoodGosh. Nuff said. LOLOL!

This is American Beauty Two, starring Owl Spacey. The movie starts out with Owl laying in a bed of rose petals. To see the rest of Owl's story, see this listing from DoodleVintagePlus!I have 11 different entries right now! I'd love to get one more different shops so I can make a treasury from them!

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laruefashions said...

Even though I enjoy GG's cards emencly, I must say, that I LOVE Doodles photo on flower petals!