Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Break from Finds for a Short Story.

Names have been changed to protect the innocent!

Once upon a time there were two sistas named Jlenna and Pinda. They were very happy together. Jlenna taught Pinda the use of a crochet stick and they shared everything. They combed each others hair and just enjoyed each others company.Then one day, along came a handsome man named Mr. Dubbles. He just made Jlenna swoon! Yep, they were in like and where one went, so did the other one. Pinda wanted someone to talk to. So, she joined and read profile after profile. Soon she was talking to Lane and they became instant friends.

They soon started talking to Kulie (photo below) and Jaren (no photo available). . .

Next came Leggy. They all talked and talked all the time. Pinda and Leggy had things in common, they both were very good at using paint sticks. Kulie went to visit Jlenna and Mr. Dubbles, they had a nice time. Each one got to know each other and enjoyed the times spent chatting and sharing stories. Mr. Dubbles was very protective of his women and took very good care of them!
Jaren was very shy and innocent, for some reason, they call her Quackers. It's okay, Jaren didn't mind. She enjoyed just sitting in the corner and listening to what was going on. Taking notes and taking it all in, just in case she ever needs to bribe anyone. Fun times were had by all.

They lived happily ever after in a magical land name Fretsy.


goodgosh said...

Oh my, who could you be talking about? LOL!!
Nice story. :)


Runs With Scissors said...

Oh good, that's why I changed all the names, so you wouldn't be able to figure out who I was talking about. It's a true story, you know!

Julie said...

I love stories with happy endings.