Saturday, July 14, 2012

Vintage Button Collection - Day 3

Today I'm concentrating on celluloid and Lucite buttons.
I love these cubes!  I have been able to come across them a few times and get a nice collection of clear, pink, purple and orange ones.  I did use a few of these on a bracelet I made with vintage charms.

Sometimes, I just wonder what the buttons were on originally.
Some layered and wafers.
I love these!  Spaghetti celluloids.
Misc. ones.
More misc.
Laminates and layered.
It's funny, but these plain and simple ones are some of my favorites.  Nothing like a big chunk of Lucite!
These are awesome but I just couldn't get a nice photo.  They seem to be some weird pink and black pattern under a clear Lucite.

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VintageVendor said...

Neat stuff. I especially like the one with the beer and pretzel. You certainly have a varied collection. Thank you for sharing and keep 'em coming.