Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vintage Button Collection - Day 8

Still on realistics, the first ones are coconut shells.
And now, onto my Bakelite realistics.  The horseshoe has brass studs.
These are so tiny!  The pony is green.
I wish I could show you the real colors of these.  One Scottie is black and the other one is blue, so is the Mother Hubbard.
I love this one.  It was more than I usually spend but I decided to treat myself to it with my birthday money one year!
Another one of my favorites.  Hand painted, can you tell?  Thank you to my friend and you know who you are!
My bestest, chunky Bakelite!
See how thick they are?
That's it!

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VintageVendor said...

You really did save the best for last didn't you? Love, love love your Bakelite realistics, especially those big fat chunky ones. Thank you for sharing your button collection. I enjoyed each and every day of them!