Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Vintage Button Collection - Day 7 (I think)

Ah, more plastic realistics!
This little piggy got away from the other pigs!  Not sure how that happened.
I like the looks of these.
Is Cupid missing a hand?  I'll have to check into that.
Love the rocking horses.
Nothing great, some pieces from the Teenager set.
A complete set of World's Fair buttons.  
Some vases.  Can you tell they are hand painted?  LOL!  Pretty bad paint job on that second one!
The Toy Set, one of my favorite sets.
And my all time favorite!  Thanks to Cathy, I completed the set!


VintageVendor said...

Love the complete world's fair set. It is fun to collect by sets I think. Your cocktail set looks great together.
Dare I you have more to post? LOL

Runs With Scissors said...

Yes, one more day and I've saved the best for last! Can you guess what that might be?

VintageVendor said...

Ha! I knew it. LOL