Friday, July 20, 2012

Antique finds

I don't have much new to share but I did snag up these two items and wanted to share!
Isn't this just too sweet?  It's a mini hand truck made from pressed steel.  There's no markings on it and while trying to do research on it, I cannot find anything out about it, but I did see one more (they didn't know anything about it either).  My thoughts are, this is from an old truck, possibly a moving truck and talking to some other people, they think it just might be Buddy L.  How exciting is that?  
I sure wish I could find some tiny little cardboard boxes to make it look like a moving van is unloading, but I have been unable to find any.  If anyone has information regarding this, please let me know.

And my next gem, I'm loving this one!
This is just awesome!  Of course, it's a paint by number!

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VintageVendor said...

Oh that hand truck is the cutest. Love how you added those tiny boxes. And that clown PBN is so realistic looking. Thanks for sharing.