Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Flowers Update

The flowers posted yesterday are definitely NOT Foxgloves.  I guess I'll call them bell flowers.  

Onto an update on my water lily.  It's been a bumper crop for it this year!  And I am lucky enough to have two blooms at once!

Aren't they just beautiful?  And there's another one working it's way to the top, so it's going to keep me happy for some time!

I thought my jasmine was done blooming but to my surprise, I got a bloom yesterday with more to come!  Have you ever smelled jasmine on the plant?  Amazing!

To my friend, Jennie, I want you to know, I grew balloon flowers for years.  I had them in white, pink, blue and purple.  They grew anywhere I decided to put them, full sunlight or partial, so get yours planted in the ground and enjoy it for many years to come!  Kids especially love them, they can squeeze them open!

1 comment:

Jennie said...

I have smelled jasmine on the vine, and it is pure heaven! Love that as much as moonflower and gardenia.

I had no idea balloon flowers came in all of those colors- or that they were perennnials! I will have to move them! Thanks, Karen :)