Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thrift finds!

We decided to take a trip about 45 minutes south of us to this place called Re-Store.  What a cool place this was!  It's for Habitat for Humanity and a thrift shop for building supplies!  They had these wonderful ceramic bathroom items to die for and only $4.00!  There's lighting, tiles, flooring and all kinds of things that are donated by local businesses or people to help rebuild houses or completely build new houses for people in need.

They have other items too.  Like a regular thrift shop minus clothing.  Worth a trip, although the only thing we walked out with was one  book for $2.00.  Check it out, you might find one in your area:  Habitat for Humanity.  

While in the area, we went to this huge thrift shop called Impact.  It's a higher class type thrift shop, so you can find bargains and then again, you might pass up things you'd otherwise buy at lower prices.  All depends, if you are shopping for yourself, the higher prices might be okay, if you are shopping for re-sale, you might have to pick through and pass up more.  

We purchased a paperback book, 3 hardcover books and now my fun starts!  I got this rhinestone pin:
Then, I got this bowl, I have a few items in this pattern and was happy to find this in such great condition and at a great price, 95 cents!
 It's a beautiful divided nut dish.
 Here is my problem.  I like to use my items and of course, this would need to be washed, however, it still has the original tag in it!  What would you do?
But this was the best.  
 Enameled veggie dish.
 Great graphics on this one.

And it's a Georges Briard!!  Woohoo!  Isn't it beautiful?

The cost for 4 books, the pin, the dish and the bowl?  Under $10.00!  

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VintageVendor said...

Wow. I don't know how you do it! I'm talking about the prices you find things for. That rhinestone pin is so pretty. I would hate to remove the Fostoria label so I would carefully peel it off, put it in a safe place, wash and use.