Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vintage Make Over - Plastic Dishes!

I purchased some melmac/melamine dishes last week that I loved the pattern on.  They had some scratches which dirt had accumulated in and even with washing them with dish detergent and hot water, the scratches still showed.

Some of them were really bad!  So I set off to fix them!

First, I sprayed them with Clorox anywhere spray and left it sit for a few minutes.
Wiped that off and you could all ready see a difference, this loosens up the dirt and just makes you feel better knowing you disinfected!

Next, I got out my trusty, can't live without them, Mr. Clean Original Magic Eraser!

Scrubbed the plates with this and guess what?

Take a look at the difference!  Also, don't forget the backs of the plates, they are often embossed with information and dirt can get in there, too!

Use the same method as above and waalah!
Wash them one more time in soap and water to remove any cleaning agents.

My dishes are sparkling again and totally safe to use!  I don't want to sell them anymore!

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Jennie said...

Ooh- they came out so nicely!!! Thanks for the tips- I'm always looking for better ways to de-grime my finds :)