Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Small DIY

I like to take vinyl sticky back tiles and put them into my cabinets!!  I do it in bathroom cabinets and my kitchen cabinets.  Now, I had done it to the cabinets in the kitchen when we first moved into this house, but then we remodeled the kitchen and I just never got around to doing these and it's been years and years since we got the new cabinets!

I decided it's time.

All you need is the tiles of your choice, a heavy duty scissor (or razor blade such as a box cutter), a pencil and ruler:
Start out by cleaning the shelf, washing it and making sure it is dried.

Remember to measure twice and cut once.  :o)  Stick them on in there and waalah, you have a more cheery, clean look.  Items move much nicer on the tiles and any spills clean up so much easier!
Slap them on in there, it takes very little time to do one shelf and you can do as many as you want.  You can do just the bottom shelf or all of them, whatever you decide.
You can see how much lighter it looks inside the cabinet and it's easier to see the items, too!

Under my kitchen sink:

Easy, peasy!

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Doodle said...

Never thought about tiles in cabinets, but we did put some in the bathroom sink cabinet.

Love the idea! Thanks for sharing another cool project!