Thursday, August 18, 2011

New stuff

I went on a tiny shopping spree the other day, I just couldn't help myself.

I found some cute items and things I couldn't live without.  Of course, I could have but didn't want to.

I got these two buttons for my collection:
I thought they were too cute!

Next are these laundry pins, have no idea why I wanted these but they remind me of the days spent at the public swimming pool when you needed to use a locker.
I'm thinking I'll use one for those annoying shopping reward cards we have to have just to run to the drugstore these days.  Any other suggestions out there?
Next is the bestest!  Meet Woody:
This is a wooden artist form that is jointed just about everywhere!
He can hold things for me.
He can walk.
He can swim.
He can do the macarena.
And he can channel Vanna White!

I think I need a few more of these, they sure are fun!


VintageVendor said...

Love Woody. He can do some amazing things.

Thanks for showing the laundry pins. Now I understand they aren't clothes pins. :o)

Doodle said...

Those pins are just too cool. And Woody is the best. You always find the coolest stuff. Too bad we don't have thrift shops like that around here. I'll just have to settle for admiring your finds. : )