Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Just not sure what is going to happen and it's making me crazy.  The wait is horrible.  I think it won't be too bad in my area and I also think about those that are in the direct path of the storm.

We have been going from bright sunshine to darkness and rain all day.  Every time it starts to get dark, I think, here we go but then it passes.  If this is all we are in for, that would be great.  But we are prepared for worse.  We are stocked up with food and bottled water, removed anything small from the deck and tied down the furniture.  We even got ourselves a generator, so we are set.

It's really strange, you go outside and there's not one bird singing, no sign of any birds out there!  It's eerily quiet outside.  Like the calm before the storm!

Thinking of all those in the storms path!  Check in with me, my friends!

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Doodle said...

So glad you guys survived okay. Not sure who else we know that was in the path, but still hoping and praying that all are safe and getting back to normal as much as possible.