Thursday, July 8, 2010


Tuesday, I had lunch plans in a new area for me, so I decided to do some thrifting while there. I stopped at a new place for me and was SO disappointed. They shouldn't be allowed to use the word THRIFT in their name, it was so overpriced. I asked to look at this really cute costume jewelry pin that I would have charged $8.00 in my shop and they had it marked $58.00. I kid you not. Needless to say, I walked out of that place with nothing. Unfortunately, I walked out of the next two places with nothing, too. A frustrating day but I do know this happens from time to time. I think I made up for it today!
I wanted to find new places. I set out for a few towns over. I found one place but not the other, I will try again! After stopping at the new shop, I stopped at one of my old, familiar places. Here's a few of today's finds from both shops! I just liked these! Potholders that are handmade and vintage. Did I say, fun? The corn cobs lay somewhat flat to use with pots but pick them up and they curl around to look like cobs!
At the new shop, it was called a boutique instead of a shop. A Goodwill Boutique! Mostly clothes is what that means but I did find some jewelry I liked. First piece is a rhinestone star. Silver martini glass! I just plain liked it.

Mustard seed screw-on earrings by Coro. These bring back memories!Another piece of Coro, a brushed goldtone pin.Flapper doilies! How cute are these? Hand stitched with crocheted borders.I fell upon these, too. I just bet they were all made by the same person, the stitching gives it away.Beautiful flower basket, oval doily (above) with flowers and my favorite one, birds! I love the flowers on the bird doily.WOW!!!! Can you believe it? Two framed religious paint by numbers! These are done on canvas. Way too much fun! T-T-That's all folks!

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