Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More on Paper Tape

Some of these I like better than others! Like this one, the quilt series, I think would be better in a darker ink color. I'll use it to seal up the small jewelry boxes I use to ship out buttons to customers.
These (above) are just fun. The moons look better in person and who doesn't love Cooties?
Think I'll use the Cootie one to seal up an envelope!
I love the birthday rubber stamp!

I punched out some handmade paper I had laying around and then glued them onto the paper tape. The first one I did using Elmer's Glue and don't care for it, you can see some of the glue even after it dried. So, I switched to my trusty glue stick and am happier with that. The last two, I used a toothpick and applied a very small dab of the glue stick to just the center, then turned the toothpick around and poked the center down. The result are small flowers that are cupped! It gives some dimension to the look.

For these, I punched other colors of the paper tape and applied them to more paper tape. The Mickey Mouse ones are definitely my favorite ones!

So many uses for paper tape! Here's the Diva Dog with the tape I made earlier.
The paper tape can be found in my Etsy shop: www.RunsWithScissors4.etsy.com

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Doodle said...

I think you are having way too much fun. People will love getting packages from you just to see what new tape ideas you have. Very creative and fun. Hope you can find a great source of tape now. (you're addicted). haha