Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Third Paper Flower Ball

I'm experimenting with different papers and this by far, is the easiest to work with. BUT, I think it's kind of boring. I used my beading catalog and find that the pages are a great thickness and very easy to work with. I tried to use different colored beads on the pages and it worked out okay.
Instead of using beads for the centers, I went to the store and looked at all the different beans they have. The only round ones I could find were peas. So, the center of this one is green pea beans!

I'm all ready working on another one . . .


jen said...

very pretty...i love paper as nature. the bean idea is very creative and cute, too!

Doodle said...

Nice one. I like the colors on that flower. You're doing good. Can't wait to see what's next - but I won't ask for a hint this time!