Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thrift Shopping!

I love these metal file boxes for my supplies! So much better than the plastic ones you have to buy today! This one even has the key with it, now I know my paper punches are secure! Picked up 2 boxes of binder clips. I use these for so much! In the kitchen to close chip bags, frozen food bags, etc. Think I'm set now! I only paid .50 cents per box of 12. Can't beat that! And the wooden turtle was just too cute to pass up.
I've seen these milk glass bowls before but never decorated like this one. It's awesome! I love the painting on it.
Isn't it pretty?! The base is decorated too.
Found a Bingo game that I can make tags out of the cards. I'm hoping I can match up some numbers with the matching chips.
I see Avon bottles all the time but never saw this one before! It's a fire alarm bottle. And check out the hairy stick pin! It's fur!
Boonton divided dish! Cool beans!

Set of metal bookends. Remember these from the olden days?

This is a stay cool rolling pin! You put cold water or ice cubes inside it to keep the pin cool and keep the dough from sticking to it when you roll it out.

How cool is this? Would look awesome with the inflatable footstool! Great old magazine rack.

I almost passed on these but then kept finding parts all around the shop and went back, collect them up and couldn't resist them once I saw them all together! They appear to be milk glass but they are plastic wall hangings!

Best part of all, I didn't spend more than $2.97 on anything! That would be the magazine rack and metal file box. Everything else was .50 cents or $1.00! Now that's what I'm talking about!


Doodle said...

What great finds. You are quite the bargain hunter. The question is: what stays and what goes??

Runs With Scissors said...

Ah, that's an easy one Julie! I keep the file box, clips and Bingo cards! The rest goes.

Jennie said...

Nice work!! I found the clock that matches your plastic "milkglass" ... I was going to sell it, but then I hung it on the wall to take a photo and kind of liked it :)