Thursday, June 3, 2010

Photo Challenge - Marshmallows

I recently put out the challenge to anyone that wanted to participate to make a listing that would appear on Etsy that included marshmallows. These are the results so far! You can click on the shop name and you'll be taken right to the shop where the listing is or was. Some items have SOLD! From SESCo is this pretty listing with pink marshmallows!
This one comes from VintageEmbellishment not only is her cocoa HOT, so are her letters!
Above is a vintage rubber stamp holder, also from VintageEmbellishment!

This is one of my entries from VintageStation. A bunny has to do what a bunny has to do.

Titled Friendship, the now famous Gizmo has found a friend! Also from VintageStation.

Marshmallow poodle meets her Mommy! Again, from VintageStation!

These four prints are a series from WhatAboutPhotos! You get the complete set of four prints!

Each photo tells a story!

And each photo has its own title!

Stop by WhatAboutPhotos to see the actual listing!

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