Thursday, June 3, 2010

More from the Photo Challenge - Marshmallows

More entries to the marshmallow photo challenge. Please stop by the shops! You can click on the shop name and be taken directly to the shop. This yummy soap comes from countrysoapsbymarlen!
Recipe cards by doodlebeacards, wish the marshmallows and chocolate were included!

From glamourwussums are these entries! These are paperweights with real crabs embedded inside them and Glam is trying to bait the crabs with a marshmallow!

Part Two from GlamourWussums! I think the crab is about to fall for it!

This card is from GoodGosh! What a howl!

This beautiful heart pendant is from ircrafty. Stop by and see her work!

Aren't these just so pretty!!! From justjanesthings come the Moravian Stars!

*Sigh* This one comes from MySeriousSide, Nuff said! LOLOL!

Beautiful print from PaintedMemoriesByRos titled Marshmallow Marsh!

From peppercorns2 is this wonderful ACEO titled Queen of Confection! It's great, isn't it?

Ms. Marshmallow was the entire reason this letter sold, don't you think? Without her, the letter would still be in the shop of peppercorns2, I'm convinced of this!

M is for what???? MARSHMALLOWS! Also from peppercorns2!

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