Friday, June 11, 2010

Photo Challenge Winners!

The Judges have finally decided and declared winners! Thank you Simon, Bruno, Martha and Ellen! It was a difficult decision to make with all the great entries I received! First place goes to Peppercorns2 with her M is for Marshmallows!

Second place goes to WhatAboutPhotos with his Marshmallow Series of four photos!

Third place goes to MySeriousSide for Eat Me!

And there was a tie for fourth place between VintageEmbellishment for HOT! And JustJanesThings for her Patriotic Stars with Glitter!

Thank you to all those who entered! It was another fun challenge!
Please contact me with your shipping addresses so I can get your fabulous prizes out to you immediately.


Doodle said...

Nice jobs. Congrats to the winners. I think they made great choices.

So when is the next one? lol

dandymandy said...

Yay! congrats everyone, that was a fun challenge.

glenden said...

VintageEmbellishment says...
It appears that the judges may have been the marshmallow people in WAP's photo...just sayin...

Congrats to the winners :)

heartjoy47 said...

YIPPEE!! Thanks to all the super terrific judges!

pepper (aka Linda)

goodgosh said...

this was F U N fun!

what's my prize? :)

jfreda1 said...

gg you get to eat your marshmallows now.

congrats and thanks to the judges!