Friday, May 2, 2014

Antique Day

Wow, what a great day I had today!  I just have to share.  

I went to the first antique mall and didn't do that great in there, only picked up one item:

This is a great set of anodized measuring utensils.  I found another one before that is just the spoons so this was a great find!

I decide to stop at another antique mall and they had some outdoor tables set up and people were there!  It didn't look like much but oh, my!

The first table I stopped at had some fun items.  I ended up taking items and putting them on an empty table next to it and had the table almost filled up.  Check it out!

This was the first thing I saw and the box itself was just cracking me up.  It's Magical, It's Beautiful . . . Boy, do they know how to sell!

It was never opened and it really caught my curiosity!  Asking the seller about it, it got him curious too, so he opened the box to see what color it is.  We didn't take anything out of the box because it is so nicely wrapped but I could see it was a brass color.

What a lot of uses it has!  LOL!

The next things I found were these great Gay Fad onion soup bowls!  He was only asking a quarter each, couldn't pass those up!

Now, last year, I wanted a mug tree but this year, I can't remember why.  LOLOL!  This is a full set still in the box, never used.
One thing I got that I haven't taken photos of is this artificial Christmas tree by Hudson Valley Company.  I don't even know how tall it is because again, still in the box, brand new, never opened.  I'm guessing it's around 3 feet tall.  I did open the box to get the paperwork out of it and it has the date of 1985 on it.  I need to do some research on it.  I had to quickly hide it before the hubby saw it!  BUT, it was only $3.00!!!

The next item is fun!  It's a gravel art panel still in the box with the plastic around it.  Tell me, should I open it and try to do it?

It's a peacock!
Easy to do.  Um.  I wonder about that.  Looks like way too many colors for me!

Something else to do some research on.  Check out the furniture shown!
Somewhat dates it!

He had some jigsaw puzzles still sealed and I like to get those for my mom's community center.  I got three of them for .75 cents each.

All this stuff, especially the tree, filled up my trunk!  But I only spent $18.00 for all of it, can't beat that.

Ran around to the other tables and found one more item.

I want to sell these but not sure where I can sell them.  Not sure eBay will even allow them.  They are the original!

Ran inside the antique mall, since that is what I went there to do and got two more items.  I know this is tacky and gross but I love it!

A duck ashtray.

One last item, a children's bath water thermometer:

Fun day!

Tell me what you think!


VintageVendor said...

I don't know where to start. Is this the most loot
you have ever come home with by shopping at one place? I'll start with my favorites, those Gay Fad onion bowls. So pretty and colorful. They really talked up the "Grand-Stand" piece. LOL. Will you use it? I think you have to!!!! Love the anodized measuring utensils. It was nice to find both measuring cups and spoons together. Frankly, I don't think you should try the peacock unless you like stress. LOL I see it says easy to do. Yeah right. That little duck ashtray is truly a find. It is a cutie and the little children's bath thermometer is also a great find. You really, really got some good prices.

Runs With Scissors said...

Um, probably is the biggest haul from one place, it usually takes me 5 days to load up the trunk!
I'm pretty sure the grand stand will be a keeper. LOL! Gee, I can hang it somewhere according to the box. I think I need to, at least, open the peacock box. Just to see what is inside. The same guy is going to be at the flea market again next week with more stuff, I made a note to stop in! :o)

Julie said...

Definitely do do the gravel art!!! Great haul!!!