Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tension pole lamp update!

I finally decided what I should do with the tension pole lamp with the attached tables to it.

I really liked the tables and if I put it in the one corner, I thought it would be neat with a box of tissues and my cell phone charger but it would have required me moving my printer out a bit and I didn't like that idea.  I originally wanted another tension lamp for the other corner and this was perfect as far as the color goes but I couldn't do it with the tables on it.  I absolutely refused to compromise the lamp in any way so unless those tables could be removed without harming it, the tables stay put!  Most tension lamps that I've seen come apart in three places, however, this one came apart in five places and yippee!!!!  Two of those places were where the tables were, so it was simply a matter of taking those sections apart, sliding the tables off and attaching the pole parts back together!!  One happy camper!

Here it is behind one of my funky chairs.

Note the silhouette picture on the wall?  That is my hubby, done in school in 1958!  Isn't it cool?  And fits right into my mid-century wall.  And that horrified him!  LOL! 



Julie said...

The lamp looks great there next to your very old husband!!! LOLOL. I was born in 56! ;)

Runs With Scissors said...

Thanks Julie! The hubby was born in 51 and I'm younger than him. LOLOL!

Runs With Scissors said...
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VintageVendor said...

I was going to ask who the child in the silhouette was, but you answered my question. Perfect place for your tension lamp. I guess I'm the elder of all of you. I say this while gritting my teeth, but I was born in 1947.