Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I needed a new light.

I have a vintage typewriter table that is now turned into my printer table.  One night while printing out some items, I needed to change an ink cartridge in the printer.  I could barely see to do it, the light in our house is so bad.  It was decided I need a light. But what kind?

My very first thought was one of those old fashion tension pole lights.  My hubby said no.  We looked everywhere for a floor lamp, wall lights, hanging lights, clip on lamps but I couldn't find anything I liked.

Then, one day while in an antique mall, I saw it!  The light I wanted.  I made note of where it was in the mall and went home, waited for the hubby to come home and had him go over with me to look at it.

I show it to him and he goes, oh, that is a tension pole?  I didn't know what one was.  Geez!  Then why say no until you've seen one?  We dug it out of the booth and took it to the counter, they put lights in it and tried it for us and it was mine.

I'm thinking this might be a Gerald Thurston lamp.  I love the shape of the shades and how they turn on!  The switches are hidden.  Um, I'm thinking this would be awesome next to my new shadowbox wall shelf but then I wouldn't have anything for the corner again!

I'm really junkin' up that 80's wall paneling "he" won't get rid of, aren't I?  Hey, if I can't lick em, I'll join em.  Just wait for the shag carpeting and bean bag chairs!  I all ready have the inflatable footstool, paint by numbers and funky fiberglass lights!


Julie said...

LOL! love your new lights!!!!! very cool!!!!

VintageVendor said...

Really like the different colors of the shades. It looks like you will have plenty of light now!