Friday, May 23, 2014

Vintage finds.

I have mixed feelings about today!  A friend and I got up early to go to this "huge" yard sale.  We got there and they didn't have much at all and nothing I wanted.  But behind the yard sale was a small antique mall with about 30 vendors inside it.  It really was a cute place and I walked out with these:

Paint by number called Snowy Memories.  It's a nice size, 12 x 16 and it was within my PBN budget!

These are neat.  They are plastic lacy doilies!  They are such a great aqua color that I think I need to use one in my retro bathroom!

I got three of them!

We went to two other antique malls and I walked out with nothing!  A whole day and this is all I came home with!  

There were a few things I probably shouldn't have passed on but I wasn't in the right frame of mind for all this shopping.  One thing I am going to take the hubby back to look at was another tension pole lamp that I passed by because I didn't think it would work where I wanted to use it but now I think I can make it work!

We had a pleasant time but I should have spent more money!  LOL!  Well, tomorrow is another day...


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Julie said...

Oh gosh, I remember these plastic doilies! Love the aqua color! Pretty cool!