Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Flea Market Finds

Hubby surprised me with not one, but TWO flea markets on Memorial Day! 

First one we went to was a bummer.  Not much vintage stuff at all and it only took an hour to go through but I did find one item.  So worth the trip!
This is pretty awesome, not one we've ever seen before and within our PBN price range!  I must teach the hubby how to negotiate prices though!

Onto the second one and this one was wild and oh so much fun!  Packed full of vendors, just the way I like it.
First beauty I found!
A wire donkey letter holder.  Isn't it cute?
Then came this:
This is a planter but I will find something to put in it around the holidays.
Best part is that it is a Holt Howard piece!
It is in nice condition except for the paint loss and I just might paint it in since I'm going to keep it for myself.  It was so cheap I just couldn't pass it by.  I thought it was just a sweet looking piece.

We found one Pez dispenser, not a vintage one but one we didn't have:
And one last thing, another paint by number!
Again, this is one that really needed cleaning!  I took the photo of this before I cleaned it and when I did, the scratch along the side all but disappeared!  It's a sharp looking ship, if I must say so myself!
We haven't had a whole lot of sun lately so this was a really nice day!  Full of fun and sun!



Julie said...

Fabulous finds!!!!!

VintageVendor said...

Wow. Once again, you got yourself some great stuff. Your paint by number collection is growing by leaps and bounds!! Two more nice ones to add to your collection.
Love the donkey letter holder and the sweet Holt planter. It was just waiting for you to come along and spruce it up.