Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Finds Make-over!

Over the weekend, I found this little gem!

It's a folding chair by Leg-O-Matic and it was originally made for Airstream trailers.  There's also a matching table but I have yet to find one of those!

Well, it was a mess.  Filthy dirty and I wasn't sure I'd be able to clean up the seat part, but didn't think it would be too hard to replace the seat.  I'd rather not do that, I'd rather keep it original.

You can just see the filth on it.  So, when I got home, I set to cleaning it.  First, I tried one of those Clorox wipes, it was working but really hard.  I was thinking it would take me hours to do.  Next, I tried Clorox Anywhere spray but didn't like how it soaked into the seat.  Next, my trusty Scrubbin' Bubbles and a toothbrush.  Ah ha!  That was the combo I was looking for!

The hubby took out the screws so the seat was removed and took it into the kitchen.  I found my old plastic nail brush so it wouldn't take so long to do and sprayed it with the Scrubbin' Bubbles.  Brushed it with the nail brush and wiped it down with the Magic Eraser.  My hubby did this and probably saved me hours!  He used much more force than I could have done.  We did it one more time and here are the results!

Isn't it beautiful!  And completely original, which makes me happy!

Keep in mind if you ever want to clean something like this, always test in a spot that wouldn't show before you start on the main section!  This one had mold, a rust spot and some type of white spot on it.  Every bit of that is now gone!

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Doodle said...

Very cool. Hubby gets a medal! And now, what's your next project? Hope you find the table soon, but then, you'll need another chair or you will have "tea" all by your lonesome!