Thursday, March 29, 2012


My latest
antique finds!
This is the Grapevine pattern from Pyrex.  It's got the beautiful Delphite Blue inside and on the bottom.  It's from the 60's and is the small bowl to a chip and dip set.

This is fun.  It is a tape moistener!

You can load a roll of tape to it, fill the basin with water and roll the tape over the roller to moisten it.

It's super heavy!  The base is cast iron.

This one is all mine!  A Willow Oak water tray.  I was lucky to find it for only $4.00!

Another piece of cubist.  I love how this washed up and sparkles.  Only $2.00!

I found another candy container!  A sailboat.  I guess once the candy was gone, you can use this for an ashtray.  No, Humpty isn't included!

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VintageVendor said...

More great finds. I love the candy container and that paper tape moistener. Very unique.