Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Driving with a friend over the weekend, we were going down this small highway and I noticed a very large beautiful house that sat back from the highway.  Up by the road was a sign that indicated there were businesses inside the house.  I'm trying to read the sign the best I could as we flew passed it and I noticed it said "gynecology library".  I get started on a rant, why would anyone need a gynecology library?  Who would ever use a gynecology library?  What, do people walk in and look up the word uterus?  What in the world?

The whole time I'm off on my rant, my friend is glancing over to me with this look on her face.  Maybe she was trying to see if I was serious or not.  But she finally interrupts my rant and says "that's not the word that was on there".  While she starts to explain the word but she couldn't come up with the exact word she was looking for, I quickly ran through my mind a snapshot of the sign and OMG, it had said " genealogy library"  

Well, we got to laughing so hard I don't know how she drove the car and I thought for sure I'd wet myself!  And of course, it became the joke of the weekend!

Has this kind of thing every happened to you?  Unfortunately, it happens way too often to me!  Oh, could I tell you stories!

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Doodle said...

That's a great story! Yes, happens a lot, especially now at my age. haha

I'll come back and share another time maybe!