Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More Finds!

I just liked the old look of these knitting needles!  I hope someone can use them or display them.
I've come across smaller sizes of these but this is the first time I found the larger ones.  I got 5 pairs but 2 pairs were mismatched but my hubby took them to use in his workshop!  He loves these bookends.
Another TV Lamp, bulb not included.  Luckily, the shop had a bulb to put in it and try it out before I bought it!
This next one made me stop and think.  Yes, it's missing pieces, but I've sold the center bowls by themselves before so why not, it was only marked $3.00.  Glad I decided to take it because I got to the register and found out it was on sale for $1.50!
Another rack, these older ones seem to be in demand.  It's a plate rack but again, you can use it for some many things!
A mismatched set of children's dishes and this set has pots to it!  It's just too cute.
Found this cute little sewing caddy!
Wooden toothpick holder:
A plastic flower fashioner in box:
A piece of restaurantware, I have a matching bouillon bowl that will go nicely with this! 
And the best part of it, after the .60 cent price is, it's by Homer Laughlin!
I thought this was different!  A coaster set with a metal holder.
That's it for day two of my finds.  Stay tuned, I have at least two more days worth!

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