Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It's been a long time since I've posted any finds, now I'm so far behind, it will take days to catch up!  So, here is part one.

I found these on eBay!
I saw these at an antique shop and passed on them because they were priced too high.  I never saw this shape before, so I really wanted them!  Next day, I went to another antique shop and found the same set for over half the price I saw the day before!  Some times it pays to walk away!  They are three panels of outdoor themes.
I loved the look of this one.  Check out her nose!  LOL!  Oops!
Another one I walked away from but wanted badly, my hubby and I have a fascination with eagles, so I really wanted this one, again, priced way too high.  Got it on sale!
I've been looking at the cocker spaniel PBN's for awhile now, finally scored!
Two more:
Something else I've wanted and finally got!  A metal magazine holder.  Best part of this one is, I found it at the Goodwill Store so it was priced right but I was given a Goodwill Gift Card for Christmas, so I got this for free!  :o)
I started cleaning it with Nevr-Dull and it's coming out nicer than I expected!  I always have to laugh at these, people would miss sections and some people won't touch those but I love them when they aren't quite right.
Here's a trash can I found!
And another desk caddy:
Someday, I hope to have an office filled with paint by number items!  I'm all set with the trashcan, desk caddy and I think I can use the magazine rack for rolls of bubble wrap.  sigh, someday maybe.

Along with the free magazine rack, I couldn't resist this.
What can I say?  I'm a sucker for cute faces!

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