Friday, March 25, 2011

More Finds!

This seller says this is a children's bracelet but it fits me! Pretty scarab bracelet:
This is one I'm pretty darn proud of, an owl rhinestone stick pin!
Funky green plastic earrings and pin.  Would you sell these as a set or individually?
I've been seeing these a lot lately and am getting quite the set of them, tin litho pins:
Celluloid Scottie dog pin
Rhinestone bracelet:
Rhinestone necklace:
Great poodle pin!  Moving hair, now you see it's eyes
and now you don't!
Funky plastic amber earrings:
Look how the dots are just suspended in the plastic!
Pretty cool, huh?


Doodle said...

I will make all my comments on one. You found some really fun stuff. Love the troll face of course and your PBN's are great. SO many fun items. I can never find such cool stuff over here. I think I need a road trip.

VintageVendor said...

You really hit pay dirt on this trip. Oh, I love the Scottie dog pin. He's adorable as is the Poodle dog pin. That spice rack is really unusual. I want it!!