Thursday, May 30, 2013

Shopping Spree - Buttons and Grand Jury Duty

Wow, I went on an Etsy sewing button shopping spree.  I couldn't help myself.  While on Mecation, I purchased a bunch of buttons and that just made me want more.  I got my collection out, went through my purchases, kept what I didn't have and started listing any duplicates.  Just getting my collection out and handling them all again, made me want more.  And heck, I had leftover money from my mecation!

I started out looking for more calico buttons from a friend of mine, VintageVendor and got 3 amazing buttons from her to add to that part of my collection.

Then, I went to Etsy and did a search for vintage buttons, especially buffed celluloids and I went to town.  I was putting items in my favorites so I could keep on shopping and I noticed someone was going behind me and putting the ones I was adding to my favorites into their favorites, so I wasn't about to lose out and snapped them all up.

They started to arrive today!  I just love how all of them were wrapped!  Some using vintage pages from a dictionary, vintage sheet music (and you all know how much I LOVE paper), boxes, notes etc.  It was like Christmas for me!

Let me show you what arrived today!
I don't hoard buttons, I take one or two for my collection and then I do offer any extras for sale.  The ones above are from Artistic2Vintage  I didn't buy out the entire shop, so stop by and see what she has!

Isn't this just beautiful?  My photo doesn't do it justice.  This came from AuntNonniesNest and she has more!

I love the floral buffed celluloid buttons and anything that looks deco or atomic!  I think these fit in at least one of those categories!  
They came from MyBestGoods and are a pretty mauve color.

This one was fun, from blacksheepyarns   She sent me an extra button (LOVE) and a special card (LOVE), take a look:

Terrific buttons!  Now look at the card!
How did she do that?  It's from my area!  Think I can still use it?

Thanks ladies!  You've made my day!  Please click on the links above and see what other items they have to offer.

I've been listing buttons all week long on Etsy and still have enough to list through Sunday!  Please take a look at what I have to offer, too:  VintageStation  I'm sure people are tired of all the buttons this week, so I'll switch to other items next week.  :o)

On a side note!!!!!  My grand jury duty has come to an end!  Not officially yet, we could still get called in for an emergency session through the month of June but I don't think that will happen.  One of our last cases we took care of was one we worked on for 8 months and it has finally hit the news, so I can talk about it!  It was wild, for sure:  

I think these two will be spending their retirement in jail.

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